Seqential Batch Reactor (SBR)


The CLEAR-WATER series Sewage Treatment Plant is ideally suited for small to medium sized facilities, treating municipal sewage for World Class treated sewage quality.  These plants can handle from 50 to 10,000 inhabitants.  The technology is provided by our German principals Kordes.

Function description

The plant consists of a Spiral Sieve, an Equalization Tank, the SBR Reactor and a Surplus Sludge Storage Tank.  

The domestic wastewater flows through the spiral sieve, where rubbish down to 3mm in size is removed from the influent stream.  This screened material is then collected in a trash bag for easy disposal.  The screened water continues into the Equalization Tank.  

The SBR sewage treatment plant operates in the impound Mode.  After the water is collected in the Equalization Tank, it is then pumped into the SBR Reactor according to a pre-set program. This treatment is carried out in the following five consecutive phases:







1. Filling

The SBR tank is filled with waste water from the Equalization tank.





2. Aeration

Air is pumped into the SBR Reactor using membrane diffusers for a highly efficient oxygen transfer. This produces Activated Sludge, which consists of beneficial bacteria, which decomposes the pollutants. The bacteria receives nutrients from the waste water.





3. Settling

During the Settling Phase, the aeration is stopped which allows the activated sludge to settle at the bottom of the tank. Because this sludge has excellent settling qualities, the supernatant liquor is of an excellent quality for easy removal from the top of the tank.

Excess Sludge Removal




4. Excess Sludge Removal

During each cycle, some excess Activated Sludge is generated, which needs to be removed to maintain a healthy balance in the SBR tank.  During this phase, the excess sludge is removed and stored in the Sludge Storage Tank.  This tank will need to be emptied periodically; for larger systems, we can offer Sludge Dewatering for easy disposal, as a completely integrated solution.

Clear Water Removal




5. Clear Water Removal

The clear water is pumped out at this stage with the clear water pump.  Now the SBR Reactor is ready to receive the next batch of wastewater.


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