About us

Clarity Water Solutions specializes in water engineering and treatment services for residential, commercial and industrial clients, with emphasis on:

  • Waste water (sewage) treatment for irrigation

  • Potable water supply through sea and brackish water desalination

  • Surface water filtration and polishing

  • Point of entry water treatment systems

  • Containerized & skid-mounted systems for easy on-site installations

  • Car wash water reuse

Through our enhanced water management solutions, waste water is captured, treated and re-used locally; Clarity can help their clients achieve over 50% reduction in their fresh water usage and 100% reduction in waste water disposal bills!

We work closely with our clients – combining technology, knowledge and experience – to select the most efficient and cost effective solution for them. We have successfully completed multiple installations in the region and boast a growing list of satisfied customers.


Clarity has adopted a proven technology that has already demonstrated its success across Europe. We integrate this technology into our customer’s installations, to offer customized and complete water solutions. We employ Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) technology. SBR has established its position in the industry as a robust, reliable and highly efficient treatment process.

It guarantees safe, odorless irrigation water, and we can integrate it seamlessly into an existing facility. Our solutions allow our clients to save on their water bills as well as promote sustainability by re-using waste water for irrigation and other non-potable uses. Relevant municipalities & civic bodies also encourage the use of such on-site treatment since it considerably reduces the load on urban infrastructure. Our systems reduce the demand for fresh water, generation of waste water and promote a healthier and greener environment.


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